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Our current priority is our work with VRCities and NetPartners Marketing to establish the BizBuilders Center and BizBuilders Network as the premier business growth and success partnering support system.

Grow Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Profitably

    Most businesses, large and small can grow much faster and more profitably than their owners/managers can believe or even imagine.

     Launching this Spring, subscribe to our BizBuilder's Realities newsletter and receive an eye-opening report showing growth results of top Inc. 500 companies (unbelievable actually, but factual, and everybody should know about this!)

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    Micro Business Growth works with entrepreneurs, managers and communities to design and implement systems that grow small companies faster, more effectively and more profitably.

  • Business growth positioning and formation of new companies to maximize the chances for sustained business success. We have developed a unique process and support system that is proven to be effective.
  • Strategic positioning of existing small companies plus program implementation to achieve higher revenue levels and profitability.
  • Micro business mergers and acquisitions, one of the best methods to grow fast.
  • Partnering and "mastermind team" services for company principals, another key method to grow your business fast.
  • Organizational and process improvement to get better, more efficient and profitable results from information and communications technologies.
  • Business identity services at business incubation centers associated with MBG.
  • Implementation of the Enterprise Community and Prosperity Model to achieve sustained economic growth in communities and regions.

For both small and larger companies the biggest revenue and profitability gaps, and therefore the best opportunities for improvement, occur because of inefficient IT management services and an ineffective web presence.

    We can help businesses bring computers, the Internet and practical management together.

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